Accu-Sort Line


Accu-Sort offers a wide range of versatile laser and CCD-based bar code scanning systems to meet all your fixed-position bar code scanning system needs. Single line scanning is beneficial for applications where bar code placement and positioning are fixed. Accu-Sort's line of omnidirectional scanners sets the pace for applications with variable code orientation.

Accu-Sort's forte' is HIGH SPEED and LONG RANGE scanning - the most challenging applications.  In fact, if you have checked baggage at an airport; it was probably was read by an Accu-Sort scanner.  Also, Accu-Sort systems are installed at some of the world's largest Distribution Centers - UPS, Fed Ex, USPS and many more.

Accu-Sort's AccuVision line of high-speed CCD cameras offers unparalleled application flexibility and performance. These fixed-position CCD cameras provide omnidirectional, linear, and 2D bar code decoding capabilities for flat and parcel sorting applications.

Laser & Camera Barcode Scanners from Accu-Sort are made specifically for the warehouse material handling industry. Accu-Sort barcode systems provide the highest quality in data capture including scanning, tracking and sortation applications.

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