Mini-X Series II

NOTICE:  The Mini-X Series is discontinued.  The replacement for this is the AXIOM X.  Please click here to see the AXIOM X 


The enhanced Mini-X Series II is compatible with most popular connectivity methods, including Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet. This unit provides high performance omni-directinal scanning at a low price. Flexible configurations guarantee the best possible fit to your application.

-Sealed optics compartment
-Compact size
-Windows-based configuration software
-Flash Programmable

Reading Range
-25.0 to 61.0 in. [63.5 to 154.9 cm]
-Typical scan window of 15.0 in. [38.1cm]

Scan Rate
-500 sps

-Internal Decoder
-DRX® Technology

-Two serial ports
-20mA current loop
-Trigger/Focus Zone

Light Source
-670 nM 10.0 mW
-Solid-state visible laser diode with TE cooling chip

-IP 54 Standard:Gasketed, drip-proof and dust-tight industrial environments

Housing Material
-Aluminum Plastic

-Length: 15.5 in. [39.4cm]
-Width: 11.4 in. [29.0cm]
-Height: 6.3 in. [16.0cm]
-Weight: 21.0 lbs. [9.5kg]

-Dual Zone Optics
-Remote display
-Two form "A" relays
-Quad Relay Box

Scan Pattern