Model 22 Series II

NOTICE:  The Model 22 has been discontinued.  The replacement for this model is the AccuLazr AL5010.  Please click the link below to see the AL5010:

AccuLazr™ AL5010 Barcode Scanner.


Accu-Sort's® enhanced Model 22 Series II has a rugged NEMA-12 rated construction and a stronger thread-on connector ensuring reliable power coupling. The combination of these new features yields a very robust enclosure for applications requiring durability.

-Compact size
-Solid State laser
-Preset Scanning distance
-Two serial ports
-Windows® based configuration software

Reading Range
-4.5 to 36.0 in. [11.4 to 91.4 cm]
-Typical scan window 24.0 @ 30.0 in [60.9 @ 76.2cm]

Scan Rate
-300 sps - High Density
-400 sps - General Purpose
-500 sps - Standard
-800 sps - High Speed
-1200 sps - Optional

-Internal Decoder
-DRX® Technology Optional

-Two serial ports
-20 mA current loop Trigger

Light Source
-650 nM 5.0 mW
-Visible red laser diode
-1300 nM available

-IP 54 Standard:Gasketed, drip-proof and dust-tight for industrial environments

Housing Material
-Aluminum extrusion
-Cast end caps

-Length: 3.5 in. [8.8]
-Width: 4.2 in. [10.7cm]
-Height: 1.6 in. [5.6cm]
-Weight: 22.0 oz. [0.62kg]

-Power supply
-Interface box with two form "C" relays

Scan Pattern
-Line Raster