Model 24 Series II

NOTICE:  The Model 24 has been discontinued.  The replacement for this model is the AccuLazr AL5010.  Please click the link below to see the AL5010:

AccuLazr™ AL5010 Barcode Scanner.


Accu-Sort's® enhanced Model 24 Series II is compatible with most popular connectivity methods including Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet. The Model 24's long range and superior performance, rounds out the top of our line scanner family.

-Sealed optics compartment
-Windows-based configuration software
-Flash programmable

Reading Range
-24.0 in. to 72.0 in. [60.9 to 182.8 cm]
-Typical scan window of 36.0 @ 30.0 in. [91.4 @ 76.2 cm]

Scan Rate
-Up to 3000 sps

-Internal Decoder
-DRX® Technology

-Two serial ports
-20 mA current loop
-Trigger/Focus Zone

Light Source
-670 nM 10.0 mW
-Visible red laser diode with TE cooling chip

-IP 54 Standard:Gasketed, drip-proof and dust-tight for industrial environments

Housing Material
-Aluminum extrusion

-Length: 12.0 in. [30.5cm]
-Width: 5.3 in. [13.3cm]
-Height: 8.3 in. [21.0cm]
-Weight: 13.0 lbs. [5.9kg]

-Dual zone optics
-Remote display
-Two form "A" relays
-Quad Relay Box

Scan Pattern
-Line Raster