Norwood K-15

NORWOOD Hot Stamp Equipment Benefits:

Smooth, reliable, quiet operation-cam-action, pneumatically powered
Easy installation and mounting-various models and custom interface brackets available to meet your application
Consistent quality ribbon, type and parts -NORWOOD manufactures and stocks to ensure prompt delivery
Economical...pennies per thousand imprints
Equipment can be used in-line with packaging and conveying equipment or off-line for manual and semiautomatic operations


K Series
Intermittent-motion hot stamp imprinters for use on vertical form-fillseal, blisterpack, converting, thermoforming, cartoning, and custom packaging lines.

  • Imprints scannable UPC codes, lot numbers, prices, expiration dates and more.
  • Versatile-lmprints on many substrates (rigid, semi-rigid materials and products, flexible films, labels, etc.)


  • Imprint Size = 2" x 2"
  • Speeds (Imprints Per Min) = Up to 150
  • Dimensions = 15" x 10" x 8" (WxHxD)
  • Weight = 16 lbs.
  • Air = 40-50 PSI
  • Electrical Standard = 110V AC, 60Hz, 2A
  • Mounting: Custom interface brackets for most machines
  • Actuation: Air cylinder
  • Timing: Parent packaging machine
  • Ribbon: K-15—reels accommodate up to 1500' rolls

  • Individual pieces and logos
    (multiple characters on one piece)
  • Hardened steel type


  • Fluidic or Electronic sensor-End of ribbon/foil indicator ensures all packages/products receive an imprint.
  • Temperature Controller-Displays printhead temperature and provides easy adjustments to ensure temperature is correct for printing on various substrates.
  • Type Preheater-Ensures production uptime. Heats spare typeholder so it is ready to use when imprint information changes.
  • Spare Parts Kit-Ensures production uptime by having back-up parts and accessories on hand.
  • Platform-(for off-line manual operations)-ldeal for short runs and custom imprinting of parts and packages. Operated manually by hand or foot switch.
  • Consecutive Numbering Head-Allows consecutive numbering automatically.

Custom brackets available.