Off Set Printers

Offset Printing

Matthews was one of the early Pioneers that designed and manufactured industrial quality, offset printers. This term offset printing means that a mark made by ink is transferred from a solid rubber covered roll, commonly referred to as a blanket roll. Offset printers are three roll systems that incorporate an ink roll, type wheel, and blanket roll. The type does not come into contact with the product on an offset system.

This system minimizes the amount of type wear while producing a permanent, consistent quality mark. The Print-A-Mark Offset Printer line is offered in 1", 2" and 3" wide roll units. Our standard printers are generally friction driven, obtaining their power from coming into contact with the product causing the product to revolve the printer.

Motor drive package options are available for applications that require an assist to revolve the offset printer. This is sometimes necessary when the product has a small diameter or too little friction available at the blanket roll contact point.


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Video of the 6124 printing onto rubber hose here: