CC100 Contact Coder

Model CC100 Contact Coder

Reciprocating Coder System

For intermittent coding operations, the Contact Coder prints logos, product codes, expiration dates, prices, etc. on boxes, bottles, cans, glass jars, plastic bags, metal parts and more. The versatile Contact Coder ink marks on a variety of substrates including plastic, metal, glass and paper.  Pneumatically operated, the Contact Coder is a reciprocating printer that marks products and packages at rates up to 160 items per minute.  The unit uses a gentle touch printhead that does not distort the type resulting in clear, crisp codes.

The Contact Coder can be integrated easily with form, fill & seal equipment, as well as with bagging and cartoning operations to form a complete packaging system. Additionally, the Contact Coder is well-suited

for industrial part identification and can be integrated into automated manufacturing lines. For manual operation, the two bench top models are ideal as stand-alone part marking stations.


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