Solaris Laser Marking Systems


We are proud to add Solaris CO2 and Fiber Laser Systems to our family of marking products.  Solaris offers two quality built CO2  and Fiber Lasers.

Solaris Lasers have CO2  Laser configurations that work where every other CO2  laser does, in basic industrial and in wash down applications. These units successfully mark paper, cardboard, coated metals, plastics, wood, glass and many other materials.  Solaris Fiber Lasers are a direct replacement for Nd:YAG lasers. The Solaris "FL1 10 watt and FL2 20 watt" units represent a lower initial investment cost, lower cost of ownership, do not typically require chillers and their related costs and require less space than traditional YAG installations. Solaris allows us to offer our customers a lower cost option to existing YAG units.

Here is a video showing a Laser application where we used a vision system to "tell" the laser where to code.  This solves the problem of inconsistent product placement.


Please look to the left and click on the unit that best fits your needs.