Knocked Down Case Transport System

While it is always more desirable to print your case on-line; it is not always possible or feasible.  For our customers that require off-line printing we can offer the Knocked Down Case Transport system.  This robust piece of equipment gives us the ability print onto all six sides of a knocked down case.  This transport can  utilize an Ink Jet Printer and/or a Label Print & Apply system.







Click the video to see a short video of the Case Transport in action.  This was taken in our shop during a system set up and there is no labeler or ink jet system mounted to it yet.


Here is another model we offer:

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The case blank labeler magazine and case transport is intended for the bulk handling of corrugated case blanks for applying labels or ink jet printing to blanks before they are erected for filling in separate equipment.

Sequence of Operation (when configured for a labeler)

1. An operator deactivates and retracts the case pusher; loads flat case blanks into the magazine on one side of the machine and then reactivates the case pusher to feed cases.

2. A print and apply labeler generates and applies a label to the first exposed case blank from the magazine on the other side of the machine,

3. When the labeler cycle is complete and signals the control, the labeled case is separated from the magazine stack by first being ejected upwards from the bottom and then down from the top

4. The downward movement of the separated case places it between two powered and spring-loaded rubber pinch rollers held apart by air pressure, the rollers close in against the bottom of the blank and drive it out to the side of the machine for stacking or conveying away

5. As the labeled case leaves, a signal is sent to the control to repeat the cycle

6. As the stack in the magazine is reduced to about the last 8 cases, the machine stops and waits for magazine refilling. The magazine can be reloaded without shutting off the machine but the labeling cycle will pause while new cases are being added to the stack and resume when the case pusher is reactivated.