Evolution SC

 Evolution SC is a small character ink jet printer designed to print a lot number, expiration date or other product identification directly onto the primary product as it travels down the production line. It is designed to be a complete system which eliminates the need for ancillary add-ons and is the lowest cost small character ink jet printer available.

The Evolution SC is powered by inkjet technology by Hewlett Packard. HP's thermal ink jet cartridge delivers the highest reliabilityand print quality from the first printed message to the last.

Evolution SC comes standard as a complete system ready to install right out of the box. The system inculdes the controller, mounting bracketry, printhead module and product sensor.

The Evolution SC controller features a backlit WYSIWYG display and a tactile style keypad for message entry. The controller can also operate both the Evolution I and Evolution II High Resolution ink jet printers. Complete control of an Evolution network can be accomplished with the hand held controller or a remote PC via an RS485 data link.

Evolution SC is capable of printing variable character heights:

  • Size = .52" (1.32mm) Dot Matrix Pattern = 5x5
  • Size = .073" (1.85mm) Dot Matrix Pattern = 7x5
  • Size = .073" (1.85mm) Dot Matrix Pattern = 7x5 BOLD
  • Size = .125" (3.2mm) Dot Matrix = 12x9
  • Size = .125" (3.2mm) Dot Matrix = 12x9 BOLD

The printhead is capable of printing a single line of text in the 7x5 and 12x9 font sizes, while two lines can be printed in 5x5 font.

The Evolution SC printhead contains a volume of 17cc of ink. The Non-Porous ink formulation was designed to give excellent adhesion and dry time on a variety of substrates including poly styrene, PVC, HDPE, coated chipboard, and stretch and shrink overwraps. A porous ink formulation is also available.

Standard Features

  • Character Heights: 0.52" (1.32mm), .073"(1.85mm), .125" (3.2mm)
  • 96 character message length
  • Message storage: 100 messages
  • Programmable print delay, line speed and print direction
  • Sequential numbering up to 9 digits
  • Production counting
  • Variable time and date formats
  • Inverted printing
  • Inter-character spacing
  • Shift coding
  • Auto repeat
  • Expiry Date offset
  • English, Spanish language prompts
  • Password Protection

Software Options
Evolution-Net software for PC control of entire network of Evolution printers is available as an option.