Quadrel Premier

This new premium quality, in-line labeling system sets a new performance standard for pressure-sensitive labeling.

The Quadrel Premier will apply paper or the new thin film "no label look" pressure-sensitive labels to a wide variety of oval, rectangular or cylindrical containers at speeds up to 400 products per minute with +/- .5mm accuracy. Premier is available in any number of configurations including front/back, wraparound as well as custom. The machine shown, at right, is in a front/back configuration.

Designed to meet today's stringent demands for high-speed, and multishift operations. Premier features microprocessor or PLC controls and heavy-duty construction including line-shaft product handling. Optional redundant labeling heads for continuous non-stop operation can be added.

Product changeovers are fast, accurate and repeatable with precision 4-axis head mounts. Quadrel's M2 microprocessor control features onboard diagnostics, product and label counters, rate indicator and memory for 50 label presets.