Quadrel Q60

High Speed Applicator
The Q60 is a heavy-Duty, wipe-on, pressure sensitive labeler features a state-of-the-art microprocessor and a high speed, stepping motor drive.

Advanced Technology
The high-torque, digital stepping motor eliminates the cost and down-time of the clutch/brake wear components while delivering extremely fast labeling rates and precise label placement.

Programmable Electronics
The M2 microprocessor directs and monitors all functions of the labeling head, including missing label on web detection. With memory for 50 label presets, the M2 easily accomodates a wide variety of options and is available with automatic line speed compensation.

The remote electronics enclosure permits easy access for service while protecting components in harsh environments.



  • Size: 30" (762mm) width x 32"(813mm)length x 20"(508mm) height
  • Approximate Net Shipping weight: 100 lbs. (45kg)
  • Actual Label Rate: Dependent upon label lenght and product size, up to 250 products per minute
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/32 (1mm) @ Sigma 2
  • Dispensing Speed: Variable, up to 1200"(30.4m)per minute (2400" [60.9m] optional)

Label Dimensions:

  • Maximum width = 4 3/8"(111mm) (6 7/8" [174mm], 9 7/8" [251mm] optional)
  • Maximum length = Required Length
  • Minimum width = 1/2" (13mm)
  • Minimum length = 1/2" (13mm)


  • Roll Capacity: 16" (406mm)O.D. on 3" (76mm)I.D. Core
  • Web Width: 4 1/2" (114mm) [7"(177mm), 10" (254mm) optional]
  • Label Format: Die cut, waste removed (minimum 1/8" [3mm] between labels)
  • Label Sensing: Photoelectric
  • Utilities: 115/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 5AMPS@115VAC


  • Recommended spare parts kit
  • Right or left hand versions
  • Low label detection
  • Missing imprint detection on label
  • End-of-web-detection
  • Broken web detection
  • Adjustable support stand
  • Hot stamp imprinter
  • Tamp unit
  • Line speed compensation(requires optional encoder package)
  • Loose-loop thermal transfer printers