L5000 Printer Applicator

Finally, a flexible “first out” print and apply labeling system you can depend on. The Hoppmann L5000PA Print & Apply labeler combines rugged construction with industrial-grade thermal transfer or direct thermal printing for 24-hour, trouble-free operation. The base unit can be easily field upgraded by adding a variety of application modules and accessories.

All the necessary electronics and auxiliary air required to run the modules and accessories are standard on the L5000PA. Hoppmann’s L5000PA is designed to easily adapt to your labeling applications needs.

Product Handling System

Rugged construction:

  • Front panel is 1/2” (13mm) solid aluminum to provide strong mounting structure
  • Solid steel 1” x 2” (25mm x 51mm) U-arm structure eliminates vibration
  • Powered unwind and rewind spools reduce stress on the print engine
  • Standard 14” (356mm) supply roll for longer production runs
  • Optional 18” (457mm) supply roll upgrade
  • Print speeds up to 12” (305mm) per second
  • Tamp-on, blow-on, wipe-on and corner wrap application options
  • Placement accuracy of +/- 0.032” (0.81mm)
  • Standard auxiliary air valve for add-on modules or product handling pneumatics
  • Prints standard bar code symbologies and human readable fonts

Standard Applicator Specifications

  • Labeling Rate (ppm) 150ppm* to 300ppm
  • *Dependent upon label & application
  • Label Head Speed 12”/sec (305 mm/sec)
  • Accuracy +/-.032” (0.81mm)
  • Controls: PLC based, operator interface w/LCD display & membrane keypad
  • Label Drive Motor: High Torque Micro Stepper
  • Unwind Roll Diameter: 14” (356mm) OD x 3” (76mm) ID
  • Unwind Linear Adjustment: 1 5/8” (41.3mm) Linear Travel
  • Product Detection: Photo Eye
  • Machine Interface: External Sub D. Connectors
  • Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 Amps
  • Air Requirements: 80 psi @2.2 CFM
  • Environment: 41-104oF, 5-40oC (25-85% Relative Humidity)

Available Upgrades and Options

  • Tamp-on, blow-on and wipe-on modules
  • Tamp/blow module
  • Soft-tamp module detects product location
  • Extended length tamp modules (up to 24”/609.6mm)
  • Corner wrap accessories
  • Label low level sensor and beacon fault upgrades
  • Adjustable “T” stands and machine mount supports
  • H-Frame with conveyor mount
  • Horizontal positioning device
  • 18” (457.2mm) supply roll
  • Remote operator panel
  • Extra memory cards
  • Transport conveyors and systems
  • Systems integration and special automation
  • Centrifugal Feeders, Unscramblers and Accumulators