BEL 505g4 Semi Automatic Case Erector and Pack Station


The BEL 505g4 is the latest innovation in the BEL 505 series of semi-automatic case packing systems. This extremely compact case former embodies all the ergonomic innovations of its predecessors and integrates with a variety of case sealers, enabling one person to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation.  The BEL 505G4 allows the operator to stay on top of packing by providing the flexibility to pack from one of three sides of the case.  This optimizes floor space in lines where space and operator orientation may be restricted. This former is ideal for packagers looking to further improve ergonomics and increase productivity.

Non-contact Sensors:  Non-contact sensors allow the BEL 505G4 to handle re-shipper cases and cases with a high percentage of recycled fibre or light corrugated material with greater reliability.

Easy Set-up Guides:  A color-coded pictorial guide means convenient setup and quick changeover in seconds. Bi-lingual instructions are available.


Below are two short videos showing the BEL505, feeding onto a Case Hold Down Conveyor (holds the untaped case down as it gets packed moving towards the case sealer) and a BEL252 Automatic Case Sealer. The second video shows an integrated scale: