BEL 505 Semi-Automatic Case Erector and Pack Station

BEL® 505 Semi-Automatic Case Erector and Pack Station


The BEL® 505 is an extremely compact semi- automatic case erector and pack station designed specifically for application on manual case packing lines. When connected to any BEL® case sealer, it enables one person to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation. Installing the BEL® 505 in manual packing lines improves productivity and eliminates extra labor needed to set-up and close case bottom flaps prior to loading. Safety is improved by eliminating costly repetitive strain injury problems. At a fraction of the cost of fully automatic case erectors, the BEL® 505 provides an economical and effective way of minimizing manual labor.


Below are two short videos showing the BEL505, feeding onto a Case Hold Down Conveyor (holds the untaped case down as it gets packed moving towards the case sealer) and a BEL252 Automatic Case Sealer. The second video shows an integrated scale: