BEL 507 Semi-Automatic Case Erector and Pack Station

BEL® 507 Semi- Automatic Tilting Case Erector and Pack Station

The BEL® 507 compact semi- automatic tilting case erector and pack station is designed specifically for applications on manual case packing lines. By tilting the case towards the operator better ergonomics are achieved.

The BEL® 507 is ideal for awkward packing situations like the following:
1. Tall cases are easier to pack by tilting the box towards the operator
2. Unstable objects, subject to tipping, are easier to load with the case in a tilted position and,
3. Bagged products (i.e. snack foods), which must be packed in a vertical position to prevent product damage.

When directly connected to any BEL® case sealer the erector enables one person to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation.

Installing the BEL® 507 in manual case packing lines improves productivity and eliminates extra labor needed to set- up and close case bottom flaps prior to loading. Safety is improved by eliminating costly repetitive strain injury problems.

At a fraction of the cost of fully automatic case erectors, the BEL® 507 provides an economical and effective way of eliminating the manual labor required to pre-form cases for hand packing lines.