RFID Solutions

Marsh Micro Systems is proud to offer a full line of RFID solutions


RFID (radio frequency identification) is the use of radio waves to identify unique products, cases or pallets. It's a complementary technology to bar coding with common benefits of speed and accuracy of data collection. The advantage to RFID is the increased amount of data that can be stored and not have to have direct line of sight to read a tag.

RFID Applications tend to be categorized as:

Compliance / Supply Chain. These applications are usually designed to meet requirements of a customer or supply chain partner. This can be as simple as slapping a RFID tag on a shipment or as extensive as tracking shipments and coordinating EDI transactions throughout the supply chain inventory.

Internal. These are projects that are conducted internally within an organization. Items tracked can range from fixed assets to inventory. These tend to have quick ROI and implementation schedules.

We can provide complete RFID solutions, from Systems Definition to Implementation and Hardware. We've partnered with the following hardware providers to offer the best of class hardware solutions: