Wood Printing Applications…

Got wood?  If yes; then we have a way to help you mark it!  Utilizing our industrial, robust ink jet systems we can offer a myriad of solutions for printing onto all types of wood products. 

Encompassing a wide variety of technologies, ink-jet printing systems are sophisticated, yet simple machines to use. In operation, ink drops are projected out of a series of vertical nozzles or deflected from a single nozzle to form dot matrix characters as the product passes in front of the printhead. The information to be printed--text, variable information, logos--is entered through user-friendly keyboards.

Whether you are printing association logos or your own company logo, your product will reflect your true company image when you use our ink-jet printer on your line. And its uses in the wood industry are virtually unlimited. Ink-jet systems can be found marking the end grain, stacks of lumber, flat wood products such as I-joists, hard wood flooring, doors, fiberboard and much, much more.

Below we will post links to videos, case studies and photos of us printing in various wood printing applications.

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Click here to see a Case Study on printing onto Engineered Wood Products (OSB).

Click here to see a Case Study on printing nail marks and nail lines onto wood products.