JET3 Printer PRO

JET3 Printer PRO

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The JET3 Small character inkjet printer offers intuitive and comfortable operation based on Windows CE Technologie® using a 10.4“ colour TFT touch screen display. Large keys and menu navigation in different languages as well as endless numbers of special functions like graphic and font editor make the handling extremely easy. The newly developed refill system guarantees clean and splash-free and smell-free refilling process.

The professional inkjet printer among the industrial inkjet printers. "German-engineering at its finest"

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Easy handling
The Windows-based interface allows intuitive handling of the printer. The great variety of functions are clearly shown on the 10,4" touch display.

Flexible integration
The JET3 offers, for example, connections for USB, Ethernet and digital I/O.

Highest availability
Minimum service and highest availability by the LEIBINGER nozzle seal and the hydraulics design.

High quality components, the automatic control as well as the monitoring of all parameters guarantee highest reliability.

Font quality
Excellent font quality is achieved with up to 32 drop resolution and individual calculation of drop charging. Fonts can be printed in up to 5 lines.

Fluids and energy conservation 
Minimal use of ink, solvent and energy as well as minimum maintenance provide highest efficiency.

Automatic nozzle seal
Nozzle and gutter tube close airtight. This prevents drying of ink in the print head. Even after long-term shut-down of the printer, an instant start without cleaning is guaranteed.

The LEIBINGER JET3 is easy to integrate into existing machines. The round and sturdy print head can be installed in each direction. The standard version of the inkjet printer is available in the protection class IP 54. For rough environments, the JET3pro with the protection class IP 65 is ideally suitable.
Another version of the JET3 is the JET3pi for pigmented inks. The inkjet printer is the state-of-the-art inkjet printer which achieves requirements for marking and coding systems in the industrial environment for the present and future.


You've tried the rest... now try the best!

Users of small character Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers have come to rely on this sophisticated technology as an integral part of the production process. CIJ is the most flexible and versatile on-line printing technology available and covers the broadest range of coding and marking applications with very few limitations.

The overall performance of CIJ printers has been improving but high cost of operation, poor reliability and maintenance issues are still common problems. Difficulty starting the printer after being shut down for a day or longer and having to clean the printhead frequently with harsh solvents are common issues with conventional inkjets.

Leibinger CIJ printers all but eliminate these issues. Leibinger’s unique printhead design retracts the ink gutter into an O-ring in the nozzle when the printer is shut down to form an air-tight seal, protecting these key components. Charge electrodes also stay clean, keeping print quality consistent. The end result is reliability and efficiency not possible with conventional CIJ printers with "AutoFlush" printheads. The frequency of printhead maintenance is typically months instead of every few days or even daily.

Unique Sealed Nozzle Printhead Technology with retracting ink gutter



When a Leibinger printer is started, ink pressure is stabilized before the gutter returns to the open position. This is where conventional ink jets falter because the ink stream can "wobble" while pressure is building and contaminate the narrow slot within the charge electrodes causing poor print quality, fault conditions and messy clean-up.


JET3 Features, Benefits & Facts

1.Sealed Nozzle print-head with interval mode assures clean, instant start-up nomatter how long the printer is inactive.

2.The frequency of print-head cleaning is typically weeks or months instead of everyfew days or even daily.

3.Simple, low cost Preventative Maintenance, no expensive modules to replace.

4.Large 10.4" WYSIWYG Color Touch Screen with "Hot Keys" is very user-friendly.

5.Drag & Drop Message Formatting & Editing makes message set-up simple.

6.Up to 5 lines of text, linear & 2d bar codes, and Logo Builder feature as standard.

7.Data & Error Logging keeps records of all operating parameters and printer events.

8.Unlimited Message Memory with USB Port for data back-up & cloning.

9.Ethernet, USB, RS232 & Programmable I/O Communication Ports are standard.

10. Scan & Print Option auto-loads messages via hand-held bar code scanner.

11. Stainless Steel industrial grade cabinets, no cooling fans or cabinet air filters arerequired. Wash-down and dustproof options available.

12. Efficient and simple hydraulic system with ultra-reliable diaphragm pumps.

13. Thermally Isolated Fluid Module minimizes make-up solvent consumption.

14. EcoSolv option can further reduce make-up solvent consumption by up to 50%.

15. Clean, Odorless Ink & Solvent Filling.

16. 100% field repairable with industry leading 2 year parts warranty.

17. Pigmented white, silver & light blue inks run as reliably as dye-based dark inks.

18.Local parts, fluids & service support through factory certified distributor - MARSH MICRO SYSTEMS... (423) 629-6245.

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