Wexxar WF10 Fully Automatic Case Erector

WF 10 Fully Automatic Omni-Handed Case Former

The WF10 showcases a revolutionary omnihanded feature which allows case packers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine without the need for specifically handed equipment. The WF10 Omni-Handed Case Former is ideal for customers with multiple product sizes, allowing them to pack products in batches of left-oriented or right-oriented cases with a quick changeover in between. The WF10’s positive case squaring, delivers square cases in a fully upright position, ready for packing.

Pin & Dome System:  Vacuum free case opening is accomplished using the Pin & Dome technology. Each case is mechanically captured and positively squared with precision and reliability unmatched by any other system.



Easy Set-up Guides: A color-coded tactile guide and easy tools-free adjustments, provide for convenient setup and quick changeover in minutes.

Omni-Handing: Minimize changeovers and downtime when switching cases with the easily adjusted omni-handed case opening mechanism. The ability to open left-oriented or right-oriented cases on the same machine is exclusive to Wexxar/BEL formers.

Click here to see a video of the WF-10 in action:

Click here to see a short video of how the PATENTED Pin and Dome feature works (while this shows a WF-20; the WF-10 Pin and Dome feature works the same way)

Click here to see a dimensional drawing of the WF-10(it also shows the BEL252 Case Sealer)