BEL 185 Semi Automatic RANDOM Case Sealer

BEL® 185 Semi-Automatic Random Top & Bottom Sealer

The BEL® 185 Semi-Automatic Random sealer conveniently self-adjusts and applies pressure-sensitive tape to various size cases, providing improved productivity in case sealing lines.

Ideal for continuous, multiple-size case operations, the BEL® 185 automatically sizes independently to each case, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Belcor's® Random Top & Bottom sealer allows one person to link case forming, packing, and sealing of corrugated cases into a single operation. It also converts to a fixed position sealer for uniform case sizes.

The superior performance and safety provisions of the BEL® 185 offer operator comfort and increased productivity above that of similar case sealers. The BEL® 185 is equipped with DEKKA® High Performance stainless steel tape heads.