BEL 290 Fully Automatic Case Sealer (Hi-Speed)

An outstanding combination of versatility, reliability, compact design and high speed capability sets the BEL 290 fully automatic case sealer apart from all competitors. Designed to satisfy the demands of round-the-clock industrial applications, the BEL 290 fits easily in any packaging line application. It produces gap-free, tightly butted top flap sealing at speeds up to 45 cases per minute. The BEL 290 accommodates a wide range of case sizes and the heavy-duty drive system ensures cases retain their shape and alignment in every application.




■ The Case Flow Logic feature reacts to changes in case production and manages energy consumption by stopping the machine when it is not in use and restarts when case flow resumes.

■ Advanced, fully-interlocked safety guarding is equipped with Safe Logic, which protects the operator when accessing the machine.

■ Tool-less, color-coded case size changeover in under 5 minutes.

■ Easy to maintain, uses the highest quality commercially available components.

■ Extruded aluminum frame construction stands up to the most demanding working environments.

■ Meets NEC, UL, ULC, NFPA and OSHA standards.

■ Optional tape management system, with touch-screen control, reliably monitors all tape related functions.

■ Optional Stop Gate, with touch-screen control, indexes cases and manages operational speed.

■ Complete wash-down options and extended guarding packages are also available.


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