BEL 250 Fully Automatic Case Sealer

BEL 250® Fully Automatic Uniform Case Taper

The BEL® 250's innovative design emphasizes safety, simple operation and rugged construction all contained within the smallest footprint of any fully automatic case taper. Belcor's® exclusive Snap Folder folds top flaps closed automatically without using dangerous rear flap kicking arms. The BEL® 250 is equipped with stainless steel DEKKA® High Performance tape heads to provide sealing speeds up to 30 cases per minute on a wide range of case sizes. The BEL® 250 is the premier model in the BEL® line of case tapers and its sturdy corrosion resistant construction will provide years of dependable performance in high demand production environments.


This picture shows how the BEL252 uses two "thumbs" to close the trailing minor panel of the carton.  This allows us to have the safest (no dangerous swinging "kicker" arm needed or the safety guarding that this requires) and shortest - only 58" long footprint! THE SHORTEST FULLY AUTOMATIC CASE SEALER IN THE WORLD!  (While this pic and video are of the 252; the 250 operates the exact same)

Click here to see a video of the BEL252 and a slow motion shot of the SNAP FOLDER feature "in action".