8000 Series DOD Printhead


8000 Series Printheads - The world's most robust, industrial printhead!
Drop-on-Demand Ink-Jet

Experience low ink consumption and increased reliability with next generation, ink-jet printheads.

  • Precision jewels set in a stainless steel faceplate provide dramatically lower ink consumption & cost per code
  • Fast start-up and color change without purging
  • Wide variety of ink types to match your applications
  • Exclusive electronics and valve design deliver high quality prints at line speeds, up to 780 fpm

Our DOD technology has a performance record of solving the most challenging, industrial and packaging coding applications. Our new 8000 Series printheads deliver low ink consumption with high print quality and improved speeds.

Find your recommended solution by selecting the printhead for your application. With up to twelve choices, we’re certain to have a solution to meet all your identification needs.

Need a white, pigmented ink?  We do it best!  Check this out: White ink printing

Here's a short video of the Series 8000 printhead in action (printing onto water heaters with white ink):

Here is a picture of two Series 8000 printheads utilizing our Swing Arm brackets.  The printheads "swing" out of the way as the product (a bag in this case) passes by. This allows us to maintain great print quality even if the product placement is inconsistent.  It also protects the printhead(s).