Videos and Photos of Non Traditional Product Printing Applications

Ink Jet print and logo on large bail of pulp paper

Print on Urethane tile

Photo of the Hand Held Ink Jet Printer (Truck)









Here is a short video showing our Matthews ink jet printers printing onto large paper cores used in the concrete industry:


Watch a video here of a robot passing a wooden pallet by our printhead to be marked:

Here is a picture of two Series 8000 printheads utilizing our Swing Arm brackets.  The printheads "swing" out of the way as the product (a bag in this case) passes by. This allows us to maintain great print quality even if the product placement is inconsistent.  It also protects the printhead(s). Click the image to enlarge it.







Click here to see a Case Study where we print Nail Marks onto engineered wood / plywood panels.





Click here to watch us printing onto large roll of newsprint paper: