VIAjet V-Series

Marsh Micro Systems introduces its VIAjet™ V-Series V-Link System. The third Matthews’ print technology to be operated by MPERIA™, a V-Link module will drive any combination of 32V, 16V, and 7V 8000/8000+ heads, for a maximum of up to 32 valves per module. Through the power and functionality of MPERIA™, a large number of V-Link modules may be connected to a single MPERIA™ controller, configuring from a simple single head unit to a multi-head, extensive marking solution.

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Key features:

• Virtually no limits for the number of messages, for the length of the message, or for the number of logos or graphics stored.

• Distance or gap between products is no longer limited by width of the tilted print head. Applications for marking onto back to back round cans, or varying widths of lumber are no problem.

• Aside from the MPERIA™ Lite controller, which is limited to a maximum of 64 valves, virtually an unlimited number of print heads can be controlled by one MPERIA™ controller.

• The feature to co-mingle TIJ, Hi-Res, and DOD valve ink jet solutions all from one MPERIA™ controller.

• The MPERIA™ solution for DOD Valve will utilize the same controllers, components, and accessories as offered with the T-Series and L-Series for commonality and convenience.

• Printing dynamic data over several stitched print heads.

• Dot size adjustable per valve – fine tuning of print out without opening the print head.

• Print head may be mounted in all directions – no longer associated with position of mounting post.

Powered by MPERIA™, VIAjet™ V-Series marking system features our reliable drop-on-demand (DOD) valve technology which marks on porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete, and plastic. Our DOD valve print heads are considered the fastest in the industry, marking product at speeds over 800 fpm (244 meters/min), with the longest life - over 6 billion ­rings per head.

The V-Series features large character print, ranging from 1/8” to 5” (3mm to 127mm), and the capability to stack print heads for large logos. These features, combined with its rugged design, make V-Series ideal to meet the demands of extreme environments, such as building products, steel mills, and other challenging industries.

A large character drop-on-demand valve marking system specially designed for challenging industrial applications.

• Longest shelf for DOD valve print heads, with over 6 billion activations between rebuilds

• Extensive selection of fast dry and/or pigmented inks available

• 7”, 12” or 15” MPERIA™ controllers are Ethernet ready, Linux based PC, with touch screen display

• Remote connectivity (Virtual Network Computing)

• Effortless integration with ERP/MRP or WMS systems

The VIAjet™ V-Series is powered by the MPERIA™ platform. The MPERIA™ controller eff­ectively manages messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or plant locations. An extensive selection of pre-formatted and configurable counters, batch counts, user-defined text fields, and barcode symbologies makes message creation and selection a breeze with the intuitive, touch screen interface. Seamless integration with ERP/MRP/WMS systems helps to reduce coding errors. Best of all, MPERIA™ is expandable, allowing you to add other print heads or other print technologies, as needed, promising a sound secure investment.

Our DOD valve technology and MPERIA™ controller are connected by V-Link, an enclosed module featuring an internal power supply and print head driver board. Each V-Link drives up to 32 valves (1-4 print heads). Hundreds of V-Link’s can be stacked and networked through MPERIA™, providing a flexible and scalable system for small or very large applications.

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