PatrionPlus Large Character Printer



In addition to offering tons of features, the PatrionPlus system is built tough to work long hours on the production line. With its superior design, the PatrionPlus model provides better print quality with fewer moving parts, and less downtime.

This new innovation is specifically formulated for smooth operation with our HR Series high-resolution printhead. Once again, the beauty is in the simplicity. A patented, color-keyed cap system reduces the chance of replacing the 17 oz. (500 ml) bottle with the wrong ink. Mistakes are eliminated and ink changeover is easier than ever.


The PatrionPlus® ink jet printer has advanced to an even higher level. This new generation system demonstrates why it continues to be the leader in large-character printers. It’s easy to install and easy to own. The PatrionPlus system is now more versatile, more functional and more adaptable than ever to meet your expanding needs. This breakthrough printer has unique printhead flexibility that allows you to meet a wide variety of applications. It’s taking your ink jet printing and your mark to a higher level with the versatility to print dot matrix or fully formed high resolution characters from one truly reliable system.

Just Look What You Can Do With a PatrionPlus System

Now you can print dot matrix and high resolution, fully-formed characters, three shifts a day from one controller. Boost readability, increase functionality and open your line to more possibilities - all with one easy to use printing systems.

High Marks For These Versatile Print Heads

We offer two uniquely qualified printheads to answer a range of printing and production line challenges, from dot matrix to high resolution. These printheads can be easily driven with the same PatrionPlus controller to minimize installation, start-up and training time.

HR Series - High Resolution

This reliable, Videojet-engineered advancement offers up to 2" (50mm) print height for high-resolution characters. The heart of the HR is the new design and manufactured piezo print engine that holds eight patents. 150 vertical DPI delivers fully-formed characters and improved legibility. This capability lets you print large, sharp text, serial numbers, logos, and barcodes. The HR Series' compact size fits more production lines and allows for more applications. At 200 fpm (61 mpm), with a 1/4" (7mm) throw, it's fast, clear printing, and low-maintenance. Maintenance stays low, too, thanks to no moving parts and an orifice plate that resist scratches. And of course, it's fully compatible with the standard PatrionPlus Controller, data and power cables.

Rugged and Reliable, our new high-resolution print head features a simplified fluid path for an improved ink flow that's more resistant to shock.

The Power of PatrionPlus

The PatrionPlus system builds on the innovation, reliability and flexibility of the original Patrion system. It’s strengths are clear: simplicity, versatility and durability.

The Most Flexible Controller Available

“Simple” is the keyword. A typewriter-style keyboard and pop-up menus make it easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to program. What’s more, this single controller operates both HR Series and Valve Jet printheads. The large, ergonomically-correct keyboard is simple to use and a large, easy-to-read LCD display reduces the chance of error.

Flexible? The PatrionPlus controller’s menu-driven programming comes standard in eight languages, with additional languages available. The PatrionPlus system drives up to sixteen printheads. Each printhead is capable of printing up to three lines of text. A NEMA 12/IP 51 cabinet is available to protect the controller and printhead power supplies.

Easy Installation

The PatrionPlus system features data and power daisy-chaining for a simpler installation. Both the printheads and controller go from the carton to the conveyor line in minutes. A simple bracket system can mount them in several locations on your line. Even the ink systems are a snap to install.
System Components

  • Controller
  • RS-232 Interface Compatible

Built-in Software Features

  • Customized Time and Date Codes
  • Julian Date
  • Rollover Hour
  • Expiration date for automatic printing of up to two distinct dates of expiration.
  • Shift organizer for automatic coding by particular shifts (up to 4 shifts)
  • Print delay for message placement
  • Character width adjustment
  • Consecutive Incremental Numbering

Selectable Languages (Built-in)

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Baud Rate: 9600 bps
  • Printhead: High Resolution or Valve Jet (see below)
  • Ink System(HR): Capillary Feed 13oz/382 ml Reservoir
  • Ink System (VJ): Marsh ADS System or Internally Regulated Ink System with sealed 8 oz bladder pressurized non-aerosol bottles.
  • Photocell: External Diffuse and Retroflective Beam
  • Input Device: Typewriter-style Keypad integral to the Controller
  • Printhead Operation (HR)
  • High Resolution Print Speed
  • 20 to 200 fpm (6 to 61 mpm)
  • Character Height (HR): .25" (6mm) to 2" (50mm)
  • Fonts (HR): Roman Fixed Width, logos, barcodes, and special characters.

Printhead Operatin (VJ)

  • Valve Jet Print Speed: 20 to 200 fpm (6 to 61 mpm)
  • Character Height (VJ): 3/8" (10mm) to 2" (50mm) Dependent upon printhead selected
  • Fonts (VJ): 5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 14x10; 16x12 uppercase in 16 dot; 16x12 lowercase

Printhead Orientation

  • Distance to Print Surface: Not greater than .375"
  • Firing Directions: 360 Degrees
  • Mounting: Conveyor or Floorstand
  • Cabinetry: NEMA 12/IP 51 Stainless Steel option
  • Stand and Mounting Hardware: Metric Hardware as Standard

System Operation

  • Electrical Requirements: Operable on 50 Hz or 60 Hz 100 VAC through 240 VAC
  • Messages: Alphanumeric Lines, 1 - 4 per Printhead, dependent upon font and Printhead
  • Font: 64-Character ASCII Set plus special and accented characters

Ink Series 2000 (HR)

  • High Resolution Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green
  • Capacity: 13oz. (382 ml) ink reservoir, 17 oz. (500ml) bottle
  • Surfaces (HR): Porous only

Ink Series (VJ)

  • Valve Jet Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Ultraviolet
  • Consumption: 600,000 Character/Quart Capacity; 5 Gallons/18.9 liters
  • Surfaces (VJ): Porous and non-porous

Environmental Limits

Operating Conditions:
Any normal, non-condensing or harsh environment with a temperature range of 40° F to 120° F (4.4º C to 49º C)

Conveyor Line Speed:
0 fpm to 250 fpm