U2 Hi-Res Ink Jet Printer

The world's most compact industrial ink jet printer - the U2, from Marsh Micro Systems: 

1. 4-in-1 compact design, integrated with screen, controller, printhead & ink cartridge.

2. 2.8" large color LCD with LED backlit screen for easy operation.

3. Complete stand-alone, no PC required.

4. Remote keypad for user-friendly operation.

5. Plug-n-print ink cartridge design, no maintenance required.

6. SD card slot design for easy software upgrades & data backup.

7. Hot swap, circuit safeguard for quick ink cartridge changeover.

8. Auto ink identification to optimize printing quality.

9. Powerful hardware design, quick start-up within one second.

10. System self-diagnostic report for easy trouble shooting.

11. Real-time pop-up alert message.

12. Dual-switchable nozzle design to double life time of printhead.

13. Anti-shock mechanism for printhead protection.

14. Weights only 0.49kg (1.08 lb.) without ink cartridge & brackets.

15. All-in-one-price, no extra or hidden costs.

Click here to see a short video of the portable, HAND CODER option (printing on plastic!):

Click here to see a short video of the portable, HAND CODER option (printing on corrugated):

Click here to see a Datasheet and Details

Click here to see a Specification sheet.

Here is a short video of the U2 printer:




The U2 is also available as a hand-held (mobile) unit.  Click the picture to see a Datasheet.