MPERIA L Series Hi-Res Ink Jet Printing System

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Thermal Inkjet Performance at Industrial Speeds

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Enabled by MPERIA, the most versatile and powerful print management platform available, the new L-Series printer provides high native print resolution (600 x 600 dpi) at over 200 feet per minute (60 m/min), nearly twice as fast as previous thermal inkjet systems. The L-Series has inks for both porous and non-porous applications and challenging substrates and is a cost-effective alternative to thermal transfer printing and adhesive labels. An advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption costs and improves uptime. Changeover is as easy as snapping in a new cartridge. No maintenance. No repairs. Improved productivity. Simple!

The MPERIA print control module effectively manages messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations. An extensive selection of pre-formatted and configurable counters, batch controls, user-defined text fields, and barcode symbologies makes message creation and selection a breeze with the intuitive, touch screen interface. Seamless integration with ERP/MRP/WMS systems helps to reduce coding errors. Best of all, Viacode is expandable, allowing you to add other print heads or print technologies, as needed, making your system investment secure.

• High resolution images up to 2” per head

• Simple touch screen interface

• Porous and non-porous inks in various colors

• Scalable solution for one head or many

We introduced our advanced print control platform, MPERIA in 2012 supporting the T-series print heads. Extending the MPERIA print control technology to include Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), we are now introducing the L-Series Print Technology Modules (PTM) (a.k.a. The Printhead). MPERIA and the L-series PTM create a scalable, high resolution printer for: case coding, providing a cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed cartons; industrial marking such as gypsum and lumber; and semi or non-porous packaging and direct product marking.

 Product Objectives

We have developed a new control platform to support our multiple printing technologies - we call it the MPERIA series. MPERIA provides a standardized, common architecture that will simplify our business as it relates to our customers, our operations, and our support structure. Using PC-based hardware, a real-time operating system, and a high-speed control network, MPERIA is a scalable marking solution for small to large systems.


The L-series print head provides high resolution printing at lower capital costs, expanding the market opportunity for systems sales, increasing the opportunities for upgrade sales and new consumables revenue.


Product Description

The L-series PTM is offered and supported by the MPERIA control platform (Linux based) in 3 versions.

1. A low-cost 7” color touch screen display, with a subset of MPERIA functions. Functionality may be added through a program of software upgrades. The 7” PCM is equipped with one L-12 (a 1/2”, 12.7mm) L-Series print head and is offered in a package including ink cartridges and simple mounting hardware.

2. A low-cost 7” color touch screen display, with a subset of MPERIA functions, but features are pre-installed to differentiate from option 1, specifically, capability to run two L-12 or one L-25 (a 1”, 25.4mm) print heads and bulk ink. Additional functionality may be added through the defined upgrade program. System configuration is a la carte.

3. The current standard 12” or 15” touch screen display running a real-time operating system (Linux). The user interface was designed to simplify message selection for multiple groups of heads or production lines. Features/benefits of the PCM include:

•Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables remote control and service support

•Grouping and stitching of many PTM’s (Print Technology Module) allows for large graphics and print areas (not available in the 7” PCM)

•Enhanced messaging and programming tools

•Leverages smart chip technology on cartridges to improve user experience (see below)

•Single-source control of multiple printers or production lines eliminates coding errors (not available in the 7” PCM)

•Automated maintenance routines for peak performance

•Improved print resolution control provides for highly readable barcodes


The L-Series PTM’s are a new design and drive Lexmark TIJ cartridges. The L-Series PTM’s provide system configuration flexibility with availability in 3 sizes, 12.7mm, 25.4mm or 50.8mm, they can easily be stitched or grouped for large graphics or messages. Other features/benefits of the PTM are:

•Reduced first nozzle height allows for printing closer to the bottom of cases

•Print head electronics and ink supply are self-contained in the cartridge, a new print head with every cartridge change.

•Virtually no hardware maintenance or repairs

•600 DPI native resolution

•Leverages smart chip technology on the Lexmark cartridge enabling preprogramming of ink firing parameters, ink consumption measurements and alerts, and validation of approved ink sources, which combine to provide an improved customer experience.

Here is a brief introductory video of our L Series product:


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